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Sweet Words from Clients 

As a bride, you want a wedding planner that works for you.  I just don’t mean someone who is great with vision boards and scheduling of vendors; but someone who gets what you are trying to accomplish and isn’t scared to think outside the box or stick their neck out there.

When I filled out the questionnaire online for R&R Events, I had a response before the end of the day.  Tonja was on board for whatever I wanted to do.  When I told her we were planning a wedding in less than four months for an undetermined amount of people she said, “Bring It On”.  We got to work immediately.  It wasn’t easy; decisions had to be made and we couldn’t look back. When my guest count continued to grow and grow and grow, it wasn’t a problem.  I was introduced face to face with the greatest vendors in the Grand Valley and surrounding areas.  Tonja’s relationship with those vendors opened doors and made things possible that I had never dreamed of. 

I won’t lie, planning a wedding in that amount of time is hard. You can’t have everything on your Pinterest Board.  You need someone to be able to work with you, your budget, and the vendors to create the whole picture.  When Tonja and I worked together there was no BS, no wasting of each other’s time, no false hope; only the facts and options that were available for me.  I think that we worked well together because we both understood the vision.  I wanted to have an experience that made each one of my guests feel special and create something they will never forget.  How did we do that?  Location, Location, Location. We found the perfect location that fit my husband and me.  After that it all fell into place (with a lot of hard work).

Here’s where your wedding planner at R &R Events works for you. Prior to the wedding the two of you made all the calls, picked the décor, finalized the timeline, and followed the budget to build your dream day.  The day before/of your wedding is where Tonja and her team shines.  As the bride, you’re too busy to check if the linens are pressed or if the tables are laid out exactly how you wanted them because you’re supposed to be too busy.  Your job as the bride is to be so busy enjoying what you’ve worked so hard on that you don’t have time to think of anything else.  Tonja and her team is there to do all the worry and dirty work for you.  They will keep the wedding party on time, the vendors on time, the guests on time and anyone else who needs to be on time.  You just simply get to “live” the experience.

If I could, I would do my wedding over and over again.  I can’t say that I’ve heard too many brides say that.  And if I could do it over and over again; I’d have Tonja right there by my side, every step of the way. 

Thank you Tonja and the amazing team at R&R for what is “The Best Day of My Life”.


Tonja and her team did such a great job! I was planning a Colorado wedding from Texas so I was automatically a high maintenance client. They did not hesitate for a moment and were up to the challenge! R&R was SO patient throughout the process and helped me visualize from afar. The vendors they recommend are very professional and fair priced. Every member of the team is quick to respond and so polite. I HIGHLY recommend them if you're looking for an incredible wedding/event planner.

Thank you, R&R for the wedding of our dreams!


-Victoria, Bride 


Tonja is the fairy godmother of weddings! I cannot say enough positive things about her and her team. She is professional, friendly, thorough, experienced, FUN, and a calming presence. She makes problems simply disappear before anyone even knows there was an issue. For example, when the makeup artist cancelled last minute for my best friend’s wedding, she secured the BEST one on the Western Slope in under 30 minutes. Truly amazing! And she made the big day perfect with all her behind-the-scenes magic. She is an absolute joy to work with, and 5 stars is an understatement.


-Maggie, Bridesmaid 


If you are planning a wedding, do not hesitate to hire Tonja (R &R Events and Design) As the mother of the bride Tonja,  the entire staff were indispensable. Not only for the day of the wedding, which because of them was so beautiful and ran so smoothly but for the entire planning process. I have lived in Grand Junction for over 20 years, but they had access and knowledge of wedding vendors I would not have found on my own. I had so many compliments on every area of the wedding. I believe because of that she saved me $$.  Their hard work, and professionalism, and friendship was so appreciated and I will miss working with Tonja.


-Laura, Mother of the Bride


Tonja was such a pleasure to work with. Organized, always ready to prepare everyone for the next part of a big wedding day, and a calming force for everyone. I can't imagine working with a more professional and pleasant wedding planner. She understands the stress of the day and makes everything seem too easy and calm for whomever she is working for and with. Looking forward to working with her again soon!

-Jeff Chrisler,  Photographer 

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