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Romantic and Elegant Country Wedding


Get ready to be inspired! This is one of the most elegant country weddings we have ever designed with the Bride and the Mother of the Bride. I will say this wedding is one of my all time favorites for many reasons!

Here are my top 5 reasons!

1. PLANNING: Planning with Lisa, the Mother of the Bride, and Destiny, the Bride, was simply AMAZING! Destiny knew what she wanted and was also open to trusting us for design elements! Plus our meetings were always so much fun to go to! I would block out an hour, but I knew it would go way longer which was fine with me!

2. VENDORS: All of the Vendors for this wedding were OUTSTANDING to work with. It makes such a huge difference when you pick the best vendors!

3. COMMUNICATION: I love to keep everyone in the loop and for this wedding we really stepped it up! We finally got some Walkie Talkies and what a big difference they made! The day of the wedding was seamless because of the communication between the R&R team!

4. DESIGN: We started one year before the wedding to design what the Bride and her mother pictured on that day. It was truly amazing setting up the design board, tables and color scheme! All of us had so much fun selecting all of the elements! And the end result was breath taking!

5. LOVE: The love that this family has is AMAZING! On the very first meeting I felt the rush of love around the table and it never stopped. We had the pleasure of watching all that love for a year. Lisa and Destiny worked so wonderfully together on the seating chart and the RSVP and all other special projects.

I tend to cry at weddings. Especially when I see the Bride. But at this wedding when I saw Lisa, the Mother of the Bride, I started to cry and did not stop until I saw Destiny walk out of the Limo with her father.

I was emotional for many reasons but I think the main reason was that it was coming to a close. The wedding we planned for a year was ending. The end of the long planning sessions that turned into some much needed girl talk and the end of watching a mother and daughter relationship that some only dream of! Driving away that night I shed a few more tears of joy, but with a full heart.

Enjoy the photos and I hope that you feel the love as much as we did!


Photographer: Cat Mayer Studio

Planning and Design: R&R Events

Flowers: 3 Leaf Floral

Rentals: Elite Events

Rentals Tables & Benches Old Wood Souls

Pastries: Pistachio

Calligraphy: Chalkboard Cheers

Above: Lisa and Loren Mullen (Mother and Father of the Bride)

Above: Mr & Mrs Carpenter! Josh & Destiny

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