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Something Blue, just for you!

A few weeks back I recieved a very pretty package in the mail! Wrapped in a stylish grey ribbon and packaged up so softly! I was so careful opening I washed my hands twice {lol}!

I follow this amazing handmade garter company in, Bath England on social media and I adore everything the design!

If you are looking for a keepsake this is the something New and Blue I would suggest for your wedding day!

This is not the toss garter at all, NO WAY! This is the pull off at the end of the night with your new husband! OH YEAH! Trust me when I say, he will take his time to explore the design of this sexy garter wrapped around your thigh!

Big thank you to Kimberly Weber, she is are go to photographer and we love/ adore her!

Links for some love!

Photos by: Kimberly Webber Photography

The Wedding Garter Co

#wedding #garter #sexy #kimberlyWeber

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