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Preferred Vendors and why we feel every planner needs them!

What makes a company special enough to get on our list of preferred vendors? Well, first and foremost we have to LOVE their special talent that they bring to this very dear to our heart industry. We work so hard for our brides that we expect our vendors to work just as hard for us. So in the next few weeks I will be writing a blog post on each and every one so you, our friends, clients and future clients can get to know them like we know them.


Sure, if you work with us we do not by any means require you to work with them. That is simply not how we work. They simply come highly recommended by us. We know them, we have worked with them and above all we trust them!! In a stressful situation like a wedding it is of the utmost importance that we can rely on our vendors to be on time and preform at their highest ability.

How do they get on our list? It would be impossible to put every vendor that we work with on our list as we work with so many. We first get to know them and their company. We know that they are passionate about what they are doing and treat every wedding like their own. They are willing to work with each and every bride to fit them in their day perfectly and above all else, WE HAVE TO LOVE THEM AS PEOPLE!! Like I said, we trust them with our livelihood and to be honest, yours too.

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