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Flower Potluck

We were so lucky to be able to attend this amazing event put on by some super fabulous people! Kelly with 3 Leaf Floral and her close friend Amy, who provided the cutest little cottage on Gunnison, opened their hearts and talent to 30 very fortunate people. We were treated to a seminar on flower arrangement and then we dined on a potluck menu of some really creative dishes.


Every guest in attendence was asked to bring a potluck food item and a flower potluck as well. What is a flower potluck?? Basically Kelly wanted us to get creative and bring clippings from our backyard. I will be honest, at this point in the year my backyard was almost all dead but i was in luck! I had a late planting of dalihas still blooming and they were a big hit!! We also supplimented a few fillers from CityMarket. Some guests brought crabapple tree cuttings and one even brought small green apples on a stick!

After a pretty in-depth seminar on the placement of tall, short and skinny flowers and a few tips on grouping we went to work on our own bouquets. I will not lie, I was in heaven!! I am a sucker for a beautiful flower arrangement and to be learning myself was downright incredible!! I was in my happy place.

After our beautiful flower arrangements were done and a few glasses of wine drank with friends and colleagues we headed inside for a small intimate dinner. It was a great thing because the hosts did a great seating chart and everyone sat next to someone they were not familiar with. Turns out one of the host was a friend of my husbands in high school. Small world! The beautiful linens were provided by Allison, owner and creative mind behind Tangled downtown.

This was such a great event and next year we are hoping to be apart of the event as a hostess! To say the least we were impressed! We even meet our new intern and assistant wedding planner Abigail Blossem. (Yes I know, her name is awesome!!) Beautiful photos were taken by K Robinson photography.

Credits are as followed:

Event venue, The Grey House Amy Lentz

Flowers, Kelly Mendenhall, 3 Leaf Floral

Fabric, Allison Blevins, Tangled Downtown

Photography, K Robinson Photography

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