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So I went to the wedding show...Now what?

Tonja and I had so much fun at the Hitched in GJ wedding show on Saturday. We meet so many new brides and also a ton of new vendors. I can say that even I was overwhelmed! Every where I looked there was something new and amazing to look at, listen to, or even eat! Cupcakes, catering dishes, candy oh my!

It seamed that all of the new brides that I talked to had this "deer in headlights" look on their faces and were slightly overwhelmed. So now that its over what do you do next?

My suggestion would be to make a list of everything that you liked at the show so you can eliminate any unnecessary information from the view. Didn't like the photos at one of the photography booths? Then cross them off the list and put them out of your memory. After all your photos are one of the top things on our list as a MUST LOVE! You will be looking at them for a lifetime so make them worth the money you will be paying for them.

Also, make a list of things that you need and things that you want. There is a big difference! Sometimes, or most times, our budgets can't accommodate the amazing candy assortments or $50.00 a plate catering budgets. Lets get your needs done first and then you can move on to the wants and desires. Who knows, maybe after negotiation you can squeeze in those amazing chairs you have your eye on!

Last but certainly not least, call a wedding planner! We work with your budget to make sure that everything you want your day to be is! We also can make sure that on you're wedding day there was nothing missed like for instance, water glasses or plates. These are pretty important! Tying up loose ends is our specialty!

So now that it is over, BREATHE!! Take a moment to yourself, visualize your dream day and know that it is about you and your fiancée spending the rest of your life together and no one will ever know that your flowers were not the exact color of blue that you wanted!! I promise....

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